LVC Authors: Faculty: Dr. Jeffrey J. Ritchie

Dr. Ritchie

Jeffrey J. Ritchie

Chair and Associate Professor of Digital Communications

Dr. Ritchie's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2014 Celebration

Ritchie, J. (2014). The affordances and constraints of mobile locative narratives. In J. Farman (Ed.), The mobile story: Narrative practices with locative technologies (pp. 53-67). New York: Routledge.

Ritchie, J. (. E. (Fall 2012). The Journal of the Internatiional Digital Media and Arts Association.

Dr. Ritchie's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2013 Celebration

Lehr, M. E., & Ritchie, J. (2013). Utilization of a collaborative and interdepartmental student-centered approach in the development of a technology-based application prototype to complement entry-level didactic instruction for cervicothoracic musculoskeletal management. Abstract Accepted June 2011 for Combined Sections Meeting in 2013. San Diego, CA.

Ritchie, J. (Ed.). (2012). The Journal of International Digital Media and Arts Association

Ritchie, J., & Samuel, M. (2012). Historic old Miami: The magic city. Mobile Storytelling, iDMAa Conference. Miami, FL.