LVC Authors: Faculty: Dr. Keith Veenhuizen

Dr. Veenhuizen

Dr. Keith Veenhuizen

Assistant Professor of Physics

Director of Cooperative Engineering Programs


Dr. Veenhuizen's Scholarship

Knorr, B., Veenhuizen, K., Stone, A., Jain, H., & Dierolf, V. (2017). "Optical properties and structure of Er:LaBGeO5 laser-induced crystals-in-glass." Optical Materials Express 7, (11): 4095-4111. doi:10.1364/OME.7.004095.

McAnany, S., Veenhuizen, K., Nolan, D., Aitken, B., Dierolf, V., Jain, H. (in press 2019). "Challenges of laser-induced single crystal growth in glass: Incongruent matrix composition and laser scanning rate." Crystal Growth and Design. doi:10.1021/acs.cgd.9b00255.

Veenhuizen, K. (2019, June). Ferroelectric domain engineering of lithium niobate single crystal confined in glass. Paper presented at the International Congress on Glass, Boston, MA.

Veenhuizen, K. (2018, May).  Fabrication of rotating lattice lithium niobate single crystal lines within lithium niobosilicate glass via femtosecond laser irradiation. Paper presented at the Glass and Optical Materials Division Meeting, San Antonio, TX.

Veenhuizen, K. (2018, May). Piezoelectric and ferroelectric properties of lithium niobate crystal lines laser-written deep inside glass. Paper presented at the Glass and Optical Materials Division Meeting, San Antonio, TX. 

Veenhuizen, K.,  McAnany, S., Vasudevan, R., Nolan, D., Aitken, B., Jesse, S., Kalinin, S. V., Jain, H., &  Dierolf, V. (2019). "Ferroelectric domain engineering of lithium niobate single crystal confined in glass." MRS Communications 9, (1): 334-339.  doi:10.1557/mrc.2018.234.