Faculty Scholarship: Dr. Robert Machado

Dr. Machado


Robert Machado
Assistant Professor of English

 B.A. University of San Diego
M.Phil. The Graduate Center of the City University of New York
Certificate in Film Studies
Certificate in American Studies

Dr. Machado's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2017 Celebration

Machado, R. (2016). Metachromatics: The historical division between color and line/form as analytic. In S. Kim (Ed.), The use of color in history, politics, and art (pp. 143-185).  Dahlonega, GA: University Press of North Georgia.

Machado, R. (2016). Poster movies: Censorship, paratext, and watching who you are as you watch.” In Now showing: An American century at the movies, September 2–October 16, 2016 (pp. 6-10). Annville, PA: Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery, Lebanon Valley College.

Machado, R. (2016). Public privacy: Self-address in digital short forms. Presentation at the Modern Language Association (MLA), Austin, Texas.

Machado, R. (2016). Sound/Noise Utility. Presentation at the Vale Media Industries Conference, Annville, PA.