Faculty Scholarship: Dr. Adam T. Bentz

Dr. Bentz

Adam Bentz

Adjunct Instructor of History

B.A. Lebanon Valley College
M.A. Lehigh University
Lehigh University


Dr. Bentz teaches courses in American history and American Studies. Bentz received the Lehigh Department of History’s Elizabeth V. Stout Dissertation Prize for his 2015 dissertation. He has research interests have focused on Pennsylvania Representative Francis E. Walter, the subject of his dissertation, immigration, political history, and prohibition in the Lehigh Valley. He also serves as the Lebanon County Historical Society’s Archivist & Librarian for the Hauck Research Archives.

Dr. Bentz Scholarship and Pedagogy 2017 Celebration

Bentz, A. T. (2016). "Cracking the door: “Mr. Immigration” and the Hungarian refugee crisis, 1956–57." Pennsylvania Legacies

16, (2): 20-25. doi:10.5215/pennlega.16.2.0020

Dr. Bentz Scholarship and Pedagogy 2016 Celebration

Bentz, A. (2015, October 9). A “nation of immigrants’” or the “suicide of a superpower?” Rhetorical lessons on America’s

perennial immigration debate. Paper presented at the Pennsylvania Historical Association, Holiday Inn, Grantville, Pa.