Faculty Scholarship: Dr. Justin J. Morell

Dr. Morell

Justin J. Morell
Assistant Professor of Music

B.A., University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
M.A., California State University, East Bay
h.D., University of Oregon

Dr. Morell has had an extensive professional career composing concert music, playing guitar, and working with many well-known performers—including Dizzy Gillespie, composer John Williams, and the Supremes—across the U.S. and internationally. While living in L.A., he led several ensembles, owned and operated a recording studio, and played guitar on several television and film projects, including Steven Spielberg’s “Catch Me If You Can.” Dr. Morell builds electronic gadgets for the guitar and teaches music theory, aural theory, and independent study projects for composition students. He is the creator of Pivot: A Music Theory Card Game that teaches students about chord root motion, including modulation and modal mixture. Dr. Morell recently released his latest album, Subjects and Complements.

Dr. Morell's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2014 Celebration

Morell, J. (2013). Dectet: Subjects and complements.  Sonic Frenzy

      Records/ BFM Digital.