Faculty Scholarship: Dr. Diane Johnson

Dr. Johnson

Diane E. Johnson

Chair of History and Political Science
Associate Professor of Political Science

A.B. Pepperdine
M.A. (History)
California State University, Fresno
M.A. (International Relations)
M.A. (Political Science)
University of California
Santa Barbara
University of California Santa Barbara

Dr. Johnson teaches introduction to political science, research methods, and lower- and upper-level courses in comparative politics, including Latin American politics, Middle Eastern politics, the politics of developing nations, and comparative political institutions. Her main research interests are democratization, the effects of globalization, and political communication. She specializes in the politics of Latin America.

Dr. Johnson's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2012 Celebration

Dolan, C. J., & Johnson, D. E. (2011). U.S.-Cuban relations during the Obama Administration and beyond. Tempo Exterior: Revista De Analise e Estudios Internacionais, 11(23), 53-70.

Johnson, D. E. (2011). The mass media's dual role: 'Watchdog' and guardian of their own Interests. Journal of Public Affairs, doi:DOI: 10.1002/pa.429