Faculty Scholarship: Dr. Joel A. Kline

Dr. Kline

Joel A. Kline
Associate Professor of Digital Communications

B.S., Lebanon Valley College
B.A., Lebanon Valley College
M.J., Temple University
Ph.D., Texas Tech University

Kline, co-founding professor of the department, owned a digital media company prior to entering academia. He continues to consult and conduct research in the areas of user experience, social media, technical communications, Web 2.0, and innovation. Kline has helped clients develop online communities of practice, create a Social Media for Business strategic plan; deploy a corporate knowledge management system; build iPad and mobile apps; and improve corporate web presences through analytics, heat maps, and usability testing. He teaches courses in user experience, e-business, innovation, strategy, and project management. Kline blogs and tweets on technology, communities, and innovation topics and has presented on such interesting subjects as “What the (Bleep) is the Cloud?”

Dr. Kline's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2017 Celebration

Kline, J. & Guerino, F. (2016). Using data-driven synthesis tools to automatically generate content. Intercom, 63(8), 28-33.

Dr. Kline's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2014 Celebration

Kline, J., & Alex-Brown, K. (2013). The social body of knowledge: Nurturing organizational social capital via social media based communities of practice. Technical Communication, 60(4) Retrieved from http://techcomm.stc.org/2014/01/the-social-body-of-knowledge-nurturing-organizational-social-capital-via-social-media-based-communities-of-practice/

Dr. Kline's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2013 Celebration

Kline, J., & Barker, T. (2012). Negotiating professional consciousness in technical communication: A community of practice approach. Technical Communication, 59(1), 32-48.