Faculty Scholarship: Dr. Grant Taylor

Dr. Taylor

Grant D. Taylor

Associate Professor & Dept. Chair Art & Art History

B.F.A., Honors University of Western Australia
University of Western Australia


Taylor is an art historian specializing in early digital arts. He teaches modern and contemporary art and global architecture and has supervised undergraduate research projects in the public arts. Taylor was awarded the Thomas Rhys Vickroy Award for Outstanding Teaching in 2010. He is the author of "When the Machine Made Art" (Bloomsbury Press, 2014) and has contributed to various journals and magazines. Beyond his scholarship in art history, Taylor has completed various art projects, including a documentary film and multimedia installations in the United States and Australia.

Dr. Taylor's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2016 Celebration

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& Shopmaker Gallery. 

Dr. Taylor's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2015 Celebration

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Dr. Taylor's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2014 Celebration

Taylor, G. D. (2013). Linearity and the algorithmic search. In B. McNulty (Ed.), The American algorists: Linear sublime (pp. 7-35) The Suzanne Arnold Art Gallery.

Dr. Taylor's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2013 Celebration

Taylor, G. (2012). Journal of the New Media Caucus, 8(2), 11-17.

Dr. Taylor's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2012 Celebration

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