Faculty Scholarship: R-U

Dr. Rasmussen


Michelle Rasmussen
Assistant Professor Chemistry

B.A., Lawrence University

Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Rasmussen’s research is focused on bioelectrochemistry, using biological catalysts for electrochemical sensing and renewable energy production. Current projects are focused on development of biosensors for detecting biomarkers of neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr. Rasmussen's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2017 Celebration

Rutherford, J. L., VandeZande, G. L., Olvany, J. L. & Rasmussen, M. (2016, August 22). Self-powered enzymatic biosensor for simultaneous detection of two biomarkers of Parkinson’s Disease. Poster presented at the 252nd American Chemical Society National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.

VandeZande, G. R., Olvany, J. M., Rutherford, J. L. & Rasmussen, M. (2016). Enzyme immobilization and mediation with osmium redox polymers. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1504, 165-179.

Dr. Rasmussen's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2016 Celebration

VandeZande, G., Olvany, J., Rutherford, J., & Rasmussen, M. Self-powered enzymatic biosensor for simultaneous detection of  two biomarkers of Parkinson's Disease. Poster Presented at the 18th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Chemical and Biological Sciences, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Md.

Dr. Ritchie

Jeffrey J. Ritchie
Chair and Associate Professor of Digital Communications

B.S., Indiana Univeristy
B.A., Indiana University
M.A., University of South Carolina
M.Ed., Arizona State University
Ph.D., Arizona State University 

Ritchie, chair and associate professor of digital communications, has presented at conferences from Vancouver, Canada to Konstanz, Germany and San Diego, Calif., to Charleston, S.C. One of the founding professors of the DigiCom Department, he has overseen student projects and internships that have resulted in the creation of LVC's Campus Virtual Tour, an interactive history of Hersheypark, a player's guide for an internationally recognized game, and a physical therapy textbook designed for tablet devices, among many others. Ritchie teaches courses in narrative across media (including video games), mobile and spatial narratives, interactivity, writing for digital media, multimedia, and principles of information design.

Dr. Ritchie's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2014 Celebration

Ritchie, J. (2014). The affordances and constraints of mobile locative narratives. In J. Farman (Ed.), The mobile story: Narrative practices with locative technologies (pp. 53-67). New York: Routledge.

Ritchie, J. (. E. (Fall 2012). The Journal of the Internatiional Digital Media and Arts Association.

Dr. Ritchie's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2013 Celebration

Lehr, M. E., & Ritchie, J. (2013). Utilization of a collaborative and interdepartmental student-centered approach in the development of a technology-based application prototype to complement entry-level didactic instruction for cervicothoracic musculoskeletal management. Abstract Accepted June 2011 for Combined Sections Meeting in 2013. San Diego, CA.

Ritchie, J. (Ed.). (2012). The Journal of International Digital Media and Arts Association

Ritchie, J., & Samuel, M. (2012). Historic old Miami: The magic city. Mobile Storytelling, iDMAa Conference. Miami, FL.

Dr. Romagnolo


Catherine Romagnolo
Associate Professor & Dept. Chair English

B.S., University of Florida
M.A., University of Maryland

Dr. Romagnolo teaches courses in American literature, literature by women, African American literature and critical theory. She also serves as the faculty director of the Women's Services and Gender Resource center. She has published several articles on narrative and identity. Her research focuses on questions of identity and narrative in contemporary American women's fiction. Her book manuscript Opening Acts: Narrative Beginnings from a Feminist Perspective is forthcoming from University of Nebraska Press.

Dr. Romagnolo's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2014 Celebration

Romagnolo, C. (2014, forthcoming). Narrative disidentification: Beginnings in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon. In J. Ho, S. Morgan & J. Donahue (Eds.), Narrative, race and ethnicity in the Americas.

Dr. Romagnolo's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2013 Celebration

Romagnolo, C. (2011). Initiating dialogue: Narrative beginnings in multicultural narratives. In F. L. Aldama, & W. A. Nericcio (Eds.), Analyzing world fiction: New horizons in narrative theory (pp. 183-198). Austin, TX: University of Texas Press.

Professor Samuel

Mathew Samuel

Assistant Professor of Digital Communications

B.F.A. Maryland Institute College of Art
M.A. Art Education
Maryland Institute College of Art
M.A. in Digital Arts
Maryland Institute College of Art

Samuel teaches courses in graphic design, motion graphics, and interactive design. He was a partner in a design studio based in Miami that produced projects ranging from graphic design to animation. Samuel exhibits art work on a regular basis and is an active member of the Society of Design.

Professor Samuel's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2014 Celebration

Samuel, M. (2013). In Grieve-Carlson G. (Ed.), Cover illustration, poems containing history: Twentieth century American poetry's engagement with the past. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

Samuel, M. (December 2013). Animals.  [Mixed media].  Private collection of Geraldine Bullock.

Samuel, M. (December 2013). The infantree's 6x6 show.   [Gallery show].  Lancaster, PA.

Samuel, M. (December 2013). Music for everyone illustration. [Two color silkscreen & letterpress prints].

Samuel, M. (March 2013). Lebanon Valley Council on the Arts, group show. [Gallery show].

Samuel, M. (September 2013). The flight of Icarus. [Mixed media].  Private collection of Orlando Bullock.

Professor Samuel's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2012 Celebration

Samuel, M. (2012). Kathakali series. Lebanon Valley College.
Silk screen, watercolor & ink.

Samuel, M. (2012). Kathakali series. Lebanon Valley College.
4 color silk screen print.

Samuel, M. (2012). Self portrait. Lebanon Valley College.
Ink wash.

Professor Samuel's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2013 Celebration

Ritchie, J., & Samuel, M. (2012). Historic old Miami: The magic city. Mobile Storytelling, iDMAa Conference. Miami, FL.

Samuel, M. (2012). Book cover of Religion, Politics, and the Earth: The New Materialism.. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Samuel, M. (March - November 2012). Candy Factory mural. Lancaster, PA.

Dr. Schroeder

Michael Schroeder

Associate Professor History, Politics & Global Studies

B.A. University of Minnesota
Ph.D. University of Michigan


Dr. Schroeder teaches the Atlantic World since 1500, focusing on Latin America and the United States since the Age of Revolution. A social, cultural, and political historian whose research focuses on twentieth-century Nicaragua, he is co-author of the widely used college textbook The Twentieth Century and Beyond (McGraw-Hill, 2007) and author of numerous scholarly articles and chapters in his area of expertise.

Dr. Schroeder's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2017 Celebration

Schroeder, M. (2016, May 27-30). Los Voluntarios: The dialectics of insurgency & counterinsurgency in the mountains of Las Segovias, Nicaragua,1928-1929.  Paper presented at the 50th Annual Conference of the Latin American Studies Association, New York, NY

Schroeder, M. (2016, March).  Introducción crítica a los documentos sobre la escuela de Las Sabanas.  Revista de Temas Nicaragüenses, 95, 235-42. http://www.temasnicas.net/rtn95.pdf

Schroeder, M. (2016, October). La batalla de Ocotal el 16 de julio de 1927. Revista de Temas Nicaragüenses 102, 222-225.  http://www.temasnicas.net/rtn102.pdf

Schroeder, M. (2016, November). Viaje de Espionaje a la República de Honduras.  Revista de Temas Nicaragüenses 103, 191-213.  http://www.temasnicas.net/rtn103.pdf

Dr. Schroeder's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2014 Celebration

Schroeder, M. J. (Abril 2013). "Y tambien ensenenles a leer": Un archivo digital sobre la formacion de la Guardia Nacional Nicaragua, 1925-1979. Temas Nicaraguenses, 60, 62-65.

Schroeder, M. J. (Junio 2013). 'Todo rencor de familias': Guerra civil, imperialismo, nactionalismo popular y la formacion del estado, revueltos en las segovias de Nicaragua. Temas Nicaraguenses, 62, 14-63.

Schroeder, M. J. (Mayo 2013). Guerras de palabras: Hojas volantes y propaganda politica de los marinos y la Guardia Nacional, el EDSN, los partidos liberal y conservador y otros. Temas Nicaraguenses, 61, 16-19.

Schroeder, M. J. (2012). Review of Robert James Sierakowski's In the footsteps of Sandino: Geographies of revolution and political violence in northern Nicaragua, 1956-1979. Dissertation, University of California, Los Angeles.

Schroeder, M. J. (Agosto, 2013). "Dos libros, dos relatos de luchas heroicas del pueblo Nicaraguense," resena de Jorge Eduardo Arellano, guerrillero de nuestra America: Augusto C. Sandino (1895-1934), 2nd ed., managua: HISPAMER, 2008, y onofre guevara lopez, cien anos de movimiento social en nicaragua: Relato cronologico, managua: Instituto de historia nicaragua y centroamerica (IHNCA-UCA), 2008 (reprint of book review in Mesoamerica, no. 52, 2010). Revista De Temas Nicaragüenses, 64

Schroeder, M. J. (Diciembre 2013). Abriendo una grieta en el silencio: La foto misteriosa y el telegrama de Martha Hernandez Martinez. Revista De Temas Nicaraguenses, 68, 85-90.

Schroeder, M. J. (Julio 2013). Los eventos son la verdadera dialectica de la historia: Las batallas de el bramadero, 27-28 febrero de 1928. Revista De Temas Nicaragüenses, 63, 68-78.

Schroeder, M. J. (Septiembre 2013). Luchas por el poder entrelazadas: Un archivo digital sobre los costenos y la costa atlantica en los tiempos de Sandino. Revista De Temas Nicaragüenses, 65, 51-55.

Schroeder, M. J., & Brooks, D. C. (September 2013). Caudillismo masked and modernized: The remaking of the nicaraguan state via the Guardia Nacional, 1925-1940. Journal of Latin American Studies. (Manuscript under review for publication).

Dr. Schroeder's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2012 Celebration

Knect, Z., & Schroeder, M. J. (2011). Interactive map of Nicaragua and its Atlantic Coast region. http://www.sandinorebellion.com/HomePages/eastcoast.html
Project: Digitizing History: Building and Expanding an Interpretive Digital Archive on the Sandino Rebellion in Nicaragua, 1927-1934.

Schroeder, M. J. (2011). Cultural geographies of grievance and war: Nicaragua’s Atlantic coast region in the first Sandinista Revolution, 1926-1934. Illustrations, photos, pictures.

Schroeder, M. J. (2011). National security and transnational insecurity. In J. Dym, & K. Offen (Eds.), Mapping Latin America: A cartographic reader (pp. 246-249). Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.

Schroeder, M. J. (2011 submission). Cultural geographies of grievance and war: Nicaragua's Atlantic coast region in the first Sandinista Revolution, 1926-1934. Dialectical Anthropology.

Schroeder, M. J. (2012). Sandino Rebellion. Retrieved February 8, 2012, from http://www.sandinorebellion.com/HomePages/eastcoast.html
Houses and provides open access to 1,350 digital images of 687 documents; soon to house nearly 2,300 digital images of over 1,000 documents.

Schroeder, M. J., & Brooks, D. C. (2011). Rebellion from without: Foreign capital, missionaries, Sandinistas, Marines and Guardia, and Costenos in the time of the Sandino Rebellion. In L. Baracco (Ed.), National integration and contested autonomy: The Caribbean coast of Nicaragua (pp. 45-87). New York, NY: Algora Press.

Dr. Schroeder's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2013 Celebration

Schroeder, M. J. (2012). Cultural geographies of grievance and war: Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast region in the first Sandinista revolution, 1962-1934. Dialectical Anthropology, 36(3-4), 161-196. doi:10.1007/s10624-012-9272-z

Schroeder, M. J. (2012). Response to comments by Wolfgang Gabbert and Jeff Gould. Dialectical Anthropology, 36(3-4), 213-216. doi:10.1007/s10624-012-9277-7

Schroeder, M. J. (December 2012). El “archivo gordo sobre la situación de Sandino” digitalizado, División de Inteligencia Militar, Estados Unidos, 1928-1933. Revista De Temas Nicaragüenses, 56, 83-85. Retrieved from http://www.temasnicas.net/rtn56.pdf

Schroeder, M. J. (January 2013). Imposición de la Democracia por el Imperio Norteamericano: Reflexiones Críticas sobre las Elecciones Nicaragüenses de Noviembre de 1928 (Cover story). Revista De Temas Nicaragüenses, 57, 4-14. Retrieved from http://www.temasnicas.net/rtn57.pdf

Schroeder, M. J. (November 2012). Archivo digital de las cartas y telegramas a enviado especial norteamericano Henry L. Stimson, Abril-Mayo de 1927. Revista De Temas Nicaragüenses, 55, 87-89. Retrieved from http://www.temasnicas.net/rtn55.pdf

Schroeder, M. J. (October 2012). Un archivo digital de mapas históricos de Nicaragua. Revista De Temas Nicaragüenses, 54, 63-65. Retrieved from http://www.temasnicas.net/rtn54.pdf

Schroeder, M. J. (September 2012). Los malditos pájaros de Hierro: La guerra aérea en Nicaragua durante la Rebelión de Sandino, 1927-1932. Revista De Temas Nicaragüenses, 53, 47-87. Retrieved from http://www.temasnicas.net/rtn53.pdf

Dr. Taylor

Grant D. Taylor

Associate Professor & Dept. Chair Art & Art History

B.F.A., Honors University of Western Australia
University of Western Australia


Taylor is an art historian specializing in early digital arts. He teaches modern and contemporary art and global architecture and has supervised undergraduate research projects in the public arts. Taylor was awarded the Thomas Rhys Vickroy Award for Outstanding Teaching in 2010. He is the author of "When the Machine Made Art" (Bloomsbury Press, 2014) and has contributed to various journals and magazines. Beyond his scholarship in art history, Taylor has completed various art projects, including a documentary film and multimedia installations in the United States and Australia.

Dr. Taylor's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2014 Celebration

Taylor, G. D. (2013). Linearity and the algorithmic search. In B. McNulty (Ed.), The American algorists: Linear sublime (pp. 7-35) The Suzanne Arnold Art Gallery.

Dr. Taylor's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2012 Celebration

Taylor, G. D. (2012). "Up for grabs": Agency, praxis, and the politics of early digital art. Media-N Journal.

Taylor, G. D. (2012). The soulless usurper: Reception and criticism of early computer art. In H. Higgins, & D. Kahn (Eds.), Mainframe experimentalism: Early digital computing in the experimental arts. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.

Dr. Taylor's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2013 Celebration

Taylor, G. (2012). Journal of the New Media Caucus, 8(2), 11-17.

Dr. Urban

Rebecca A. Urban 
Associate Professor Biology

B.S., Binghamton University
M.S., Binghamton University
Ph.D., Binghamton University

Dr. Urban teaches ecology, environmental science, plant diversity and general biology. Her research is on plant ecology with a focus on invasive species and freshwater macrophytes.

Dr. Urban's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2017 Celebration

Urban, R.A. & Dwyer, M.E. (2016). Asexual reproduction and its potential influence on the distribution of an invasive macrophyte. Northeast Naturalist 23:408-419.  doi: 10.1656/045.023.0308.

Dr. Urban's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2014 Celebration

Bowne, D. R., Block, C. P., Chambers, R. M., Druckenbrod, D. L., Dosch, J. J., Fredericksen, T. S., . . . Urban, R.A; Zimmermann, C. R. (2013). Population structure of freshwater turtles across America: An ecological research as Education Network (EREN) collaborative project. 98th Ecological Society of America Meeting, Minneapolis, MN.

Freeman, C. W., & Urban, R. A. (2012). Sediment oxidation capabilities of four submersed aquatic macrophytes. Journal of Freshwater Ecology, 27(2), 259-271. doi:10.1080/02705060.2011.647404

Urban, R. A. (2013). Positive feedback favors invasion by a submersed freshwater plant. Oecologia, 172, 515-523. doi:10.1007/s00442-012-2496-4

Dr. Robbins

Jeffrey W. Robbins

Professor Religion & Philosophy

B.A. Baylor University
Texas Christian University
Syracuse University
Syracuse University


His area of specialization is in continental philosophy of religion. His teaching interests include contemporary religious thought, philosophy of religion, world religions, Christianity, Islam, and religion and politics. In addition to teaching courses in religion, he also is the director of the American Studies program and the Undergraduate Research Symposium, and the Faculty Mentor for the Allwein Scholars Program. He was awarded the Thomas Rhys Vickroy Award for Outstanding Teaching at LVC in 2005. He is a Fellow of the Westar Institute where he actively participates in the ongoing seminar on “God and the Human Future,” and is an affiliated faculty member of the Global Center for Advanced Studies.

Dr. Robbins' Scholarship and Pedagogy 2017 Celebration

Blanton, W., Crockett, C., Robbins, J. W. & Vahanian, N. (2016). An insurrectionist manifesto: Four new gospels for a radical politics. New York: Columbia University Press.

Robbins, J. W. (2016).  The invisibility of intellectual freedom. Continental Thought and Theory, 1(1), 25-28.

Robbins, J. W. (2016). Radical theology: A vision for change.  Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press.

Robbins, J. W. (2016).  “Renewing materialism: Gianni Vattimo and Santiago Zabala and the hermeneutical option for the poor."  Philosophy Today, 60(3), 687-702. 

Dr. Robbins' Scholarship and Pedagogy 2014 Celebration

Crockett, C., Putt, B. K., & Robbins, J. W. (2014). Introduction: Back to the future. In C. Crockett, B. K. Putt & J. W. Robbins (Eds.), The future of continental philosophy of religion (pp. 1-18). Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press.

Karkov, N., & Robbins, J. W. (2013). Decoloniality and crisis: An introduction. Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory, 12(14), 1-10.

Robbins, J. W. (2013). Reinterpreting the reckless mind: The political becoming of hermeneutics? In S. Mazzini (Ed.), Weakening communism? Reading Vattimo and Zabala.  New York: Palgrave McMillan.

Robbins, J. W. (2013, Forthcoming). Louis armstrong: A rhapsody on repetition and time. In M. Grimshaw (Ed.), Heaven knows I’m miserable now: Religion and popular music.  New York: Palgrave.

Robbins, J. W. (February 15-17, 2013). The post-secular and pluralization of political theology. Plenary Session of the 7th Annual Telos Conference, New York, NY.

Robbins, J. W. (Forthcoming, 2013). "Necessity as virtue: On religious materialism from Feuerbach to Žižek. In C. Crockett, B. K. Putt & J. W. Robbins (Eds.), The future of continental philosophy of religion. Bloomington, IN:  Indiana University Press.

Dr. Robbins' Scholarship and Pedagogy 2012 Celebration

Robbins, J. W. (2010). Thinking transcendence with levinas: From the ethico-religious to the political and beyond. Analecta Hermeneutica, 2, 1-22.

Robbins, J. W. (2010). Richard Rorty: A philosophical guide to talking about religion. In R. Rorty. An ethics for today: Finding common ground between philosophy and religion (pp. 8-23). New York, NY: Columbia University Press.

Robbins, J. W. (2011). God is green; or, a new theology of indulgence. In D. Bowman, & C. Crockett (Eds.), Cosmology, ecology, and the energy of God (pp. 151-162). New York, NY: Fordham University Press.

Robbins, J. W. (2011). Radical democracy and political theology. New York, NY: Columbia University Press.

Robbins, J. W., & Rodkey, C. (2010). Beating 'God' to death: Radical theology and the new atheism. In A. Amarasingam (Ed.), Religion and the new atheism: A critical appraisal (pp. 25-36). Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill.

Dr. Robbins' Scholarship and Pedagogy 2013 Celebration

Crockett, C., & Robbins, J. W. (2012). Religion, politics, and the earth : The new materialism. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, Projected Date: 1211.

Robbins, J. W. (2011). Alain badiou and the secular reactivation of theology. The Heythrop Journal, XLVII, 1-8. doi: 10.1111/j.1468-2265.2011.00695.x

Robbins, J. W. (2011). Too hard to believe? A reading of religious eclecticsm in yann martel's life of pi. The Journal of Religion and Society, 13

Robbins, J. W. (2012). Minimal or maximal? richard rorty, gianni vattimo, and the contemporary theological critique of secular reason. Avello Publishing Journal, 2(1), 1-16.


Dr. Rudd

David V. Rudd
Eugene C. Fish Distinguished Chair of Business
Professor of Business Administration

B.S., University of Wisconsin
M.B.A., University of Minnesota
Ph.D., George Washington University

Dr. Rudd obtained his doctorate in marketing with a supporting field in public administration after an extensive career in business. His experience in business includes five years as a research and manufacturing engineer, eight years in packaged goods marketing, and 20 years in direct marketing. He has worked for General Mills, a Fortune 500 company, and for several entrepreneurs, including the founder of The Sharper Image. Along with numerous conference papers presentations, he has published as solo author in the Journal of Marketing Management and as co-author in the Case Research Journal. Rudd's major focus in teaching, especially the Principles of Marketing and Marketing Management classes, is to immerse students in the role of marketing manager in varying situations including preparing the students to market themselves and their careers.

Dr. Rudd's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2014 Celebration

Rudd, D. V. (2013). So how well do American undergraduate college students really know themselves? 2013 Conference of the Psychometrics Society, Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Dr. Sayers

Matthew Sayers

Associate Professor Religion & Philosophy

B.A. University of Maryland Baltimore County
Florida State University
University of Texas at Austin


Matthew R. Sayers earned his Ph.D. in Asian Cultures and Languages at The University of Texas at Austin. His work focuses on the relations between the living and the dead and his research includes the Hindu and Buddhist traditions in ancient India as well as the later history of and contemporary practice at the pilgrimage site Gaya in Bihar, India. His book, Feeding the Dead: Ancestor Worship in Ancient India, discusses the development of ancestral rites from the Veda to the formative stages of Hinduism and is forthcoming from Oxford University Press. He is currently working on the development of Gaya as a pilgrimage place in the Puranic period. He teaches across the religion curriculum, including special courses on Evil, Death and Dying, and Scripture, and also teaches introductory Sanskrit.

Dr. Sayers' Scholarship and Pedagogy 2014 Celebration

Sayers, M. R. (2013). Feeding the dead: Ancestor worship in ancient india. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Dr. Sayers' Scholarship and Pedagogy 2012 Celebration

Sayers, M. R. (2010). Gaya-Bodhgaya: The origins of a pilgrimage complex. Religions of South Asia, 4(1), 9-25. doi:10.1558/rosa.v4il.9

Dr. Sayers' Scholarship and Pedagogy 2013 Celebration

Geary, D., Sayers, M. R., & Amar, A. S. (Eds.). (2012). Cross-disciplinary perspectives on a contested buddhist site. Abingdon, UK: Routledge.

Sayers, M. R. (2012). Claiming modes of mediation in ancient hindu and buddhist ancestor memorial ritual. Journal of Ritual Studies, 26(1), 5-18.

Dr. Setley


David M. Setley
Associate Professor & Dept. Chair Business Administration/Economics

Director MBA Program

B.S., Kutztown University
M.B.A., Kutztown University
D.B.A., Nova Southeastern University

Dr. Setley has published and presented articles and case studies on corporate social responsibility, linear programming applications, and ethical decision making. He is an experienced and successful entrepreneur who has started and built three companies. Setley uses that experience and his teaching expertise in the areas of management, entrepreneurship, strategic management, small business administration, operations management, leadership, and business ethics, in his classroom and student interaction.

Dr. Setley's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2014 Celebration

Setley, D. M. (2013). Do various styles of leadership significantly related to a subordinate's perceived relationship with his leader? International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 3(21), 1-10.

Dr. Setley's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2013 Celebration

Setley, D. M., Vyas, B., & Menis-Croxall, N. (2012). Corporate social reporting: The hershey company's corporate social responsibility report: A case study. International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 1(4), 392-403.

Dr. Smith

Barry Smith
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

B.S., University of
California, San Diego
B.A., University of
California, San Diego
M.A., University of
California, San Diego
Ph.D., University of
California, San Diego

Dr. Barry Smith advises students in actuarial science and mathematics. His mathematical interests include pure mathematics, applications to actuarial science, chemistry, and physics, as well as mathematical history and philosophy. Smith teaches courses in analysis, statistics, and mathematical thinking, and has an active research program in number theory.

Dr. Smith's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2013 Celebration

Smith, B. (2012). Non-cyclic class groups and the brumer-stark conjecture. Journal of Number Theory, 132(2), 348-370.

Dr. Sullivan

Edward Sullivan

Professor of Business Administration

 B.S. St. Peter's College
M.A. The Pennsylvania
State University
Ph.D. The Pennsylvania
State University

Dr. Sullivan has published articles in business and economic journals and specializes in monetary, macro and financial economics. He teaches courses in principles of finance, management science, money and banking, and economics.

Dr. Sullivan's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2012 Celebration

Sullivan, E. J. (2011). A.D. Roy: The forgotten father of Portfolio Theory. Research in the History of Economic Thought, 29A, 73-82. doi:10.1108/S0743-4154(2011)000029A008

Dr. Tacelosky

Kathleen Tacelosky

Chair of Languages
Associate Professor of Spanish

B.A. Ursinus College
West Chester University
University of Texas at Arlington


Dr. Kathleen Tacelosky earned her B.A. in Spanish (Ursinus College), her M.A. in TESOL (West Chester University) and her Ph.D. in Linguistics (University of Texas at Arlington). Her doctoral thesis took her to the Amazon Basin in Peru to study the influence of bilingual education on the maintenance and shift of Shipibo, a language of the region. More recently her research has been motivated by civic engagement. In 2010 the textbook she co-authored, Diálogos: Hacia una comunidad global was published. Designed for Intermediate Spanish students, the book integrates experiential learning and language learning. In 2010-2011, Dr. Tacelosky was awarded a Fulbright grant to continue community-based linguistic research and teach in the Languages Department at the Universidad de las Américas in Puebla, Mexico. Dr. Tacelosky has taught Spanish, ESL and linguistics in the U.S., Mexico, Japan, and Puerto Rico.

Dr. Tacelosky's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2014 Celebration

Tacelosky, K. (2013). Community-based service-learning as a way to meet the linguistic needs of transnational students in mexico. Hispania, 96(2), 328-41.

Dr. Tacelosky's Scholarship and Pedagogy 2012 Celebration

Tacelosky, K. (2010). Community-based learning: What it is, what it's not, and how it relates to language teaching and learning. Puebla, Mexico. Invited Colloquium. 3er Coloquio de Otono. Maestria en Linguistica Aplicada y el Departamento de Lenguas.

Tacelosky, K. (2010). Le situacion linguistica de l@s estudiantes transnacionales. Cuetzalan, Mexico. Plenary Address. VII Foro Intercultural. Contracorriente.

Tacelosky, K. (2011). In the sky flying: Language use and linguistic identity of transnational migrant students in Mexico. Puebla, Mexico. Invited colloquium. 3er Coloquio de Primavera. Maestria en Linguistica Aplicada y el Departamento de Lenguas. Universidad de las Americas.

Tacelosky, K. (2011). Meeting the linguistics needs of transnational school children with university based community service-learning. International Symposium on Bilingualism and Bilingual Education in Latin America, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Tacelosky, K. (2011). Migracion y retos para la reintegracion al sistema eductivo nacional Una pedagogia de sevicio. Puebla, Mexico. Invited talk to Education Department. Universidad d las Americas.

Tacelosky, K. (2011). Service-learning as a way to meet the linguistic needs of transnationals in Mexico. American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.

Tacelosky, K., Kauffmann, R. A., & Overfield, D. M. (2010). Dialogos: Hacia una comunidad global. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.