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How to Use Zotero

Free software that automates the gathering of citations/PDFs, allows you to organize them, store them, take notes on your PDFs.

Annotate Your Zotero References

You can use Zotero to create annotated bibliographies using APA 7th.  

You'll need to add a new style. 

1. On a PC, within Zotero 6.0 desktop software, choose EDIT--> Preferences--> Cite. 

2. Click on the Get Additional Styles link. 

3. Search for your style. 

4. Select it. 

This style will now appear in your Create Bibliography styles.

Assuming that you have all of your citations within a folder within Zotero, you'll next need to create your annotations.  In the Zotero 6.0 Software main pane, click on one of your citation titles.  Off to the right, you'll see the record, with multiple fields.   Type your annotation in the Extra field. 


When you're finished writing your annotations--select your folder--right click on it.  Choose Create Bibliography from Collection.  Choose APA 7th Annotated Bibliography, choose Output Mode Bibliography, choose Output Method Copy to Clipboard.  Right click in a Word doc, choose the paste that retains source style, paste.