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How to Use Zotero

Free software that automates the gathering of citations/PDFs, allows you to organize them, store them, take notes on your PDFs.

Add Sources

Browser Extension

Book, item and folder icons are displayed
in the Zotero Connector/extension button in your browser.


Identifier Number


Use ISBN, DOI or PMID within Zotero 6.0 desktop software



Save Webpages

With Zotero 6.0 and the Zotero Connector
you can create an item from any webpage by clicking the
Zotero Connector/extension button in your browser.


Manually Add


Add information manually into Zotero.




Drag and drop a PDF into Zotero; by default, Zotero will "automatically retrieve metadata for each PDF, create an appropriate parent item, and rename the associated file based on the metadata. (You can disable these automatic functions in the General pane of Zotero preferences.)"

Import From RefWorks, Mendeley, Endnote or other citation management tools.