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How to Use Zotero

Free software that automates the gathering of citations/PDFs, allows you to organize them, store them, take notes on your PDFs.


Zotero needs you to download two difference pieces of software: Zotero 6.0 and a browser connector.

Zotero 6.0 +  



Zotero 6.0 runs as a software application for your computer. 


A Zotero Connector for your choice of browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Edge) allows your browser to communicate with Zotero 6.0 software.

iPhone / iPad  Download an app that'll allow you to work with Zotero on your devices.
Android Android apps.
Chromebook Please note that Zotero can only run on x86_64 Chromebooks. It cannot run on ARM-based Chromebooks.  To set this up, follow the directions provided from the Chromebook link.

 Not sure which version to choose?   Get started here.