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Voices of Lebanon Valley College

150th Anniversary Oral History Project - Lebanon Valley College Archives, Vernon and Doris Bishop Library

Dr. Robert Kline

Oral History of Robert Kline 

Alumnus, Class of 1950 and 1971

Athletic Department Physician Emeritus

College Physician Emeritus

A WWII veteran, Dr. Kline arrived with other vets to experience post-WWII life at The Valley. During private practice, Dr. Kline served as the College doctor and on-field physician at athletic events. He was one of the first honorees to receive the Hot Dog Frank Athletic Service Award.

Date: June 16, 2014

Interviewed by Dr. Art Ford, Professor Emeritus of English and Alumnus, Class of 1959.

Transcribed by Jananne Ferrere, Vernon and Doris Bishop Library Student Worker and Alumna, Class of 2015.