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Business Law

Research guide for students enrolled in Business Law classes.

Where to Begin

One of the best ways to begin legal research is to find a relevant law review article. 

Law review articles are written by professors, attorneys, and law school students; they are scholarly articles with many footnotes.

A good law review will discuss and analysis your topic, and will provide references to pertinent cases, statutes, and other law review articles.

For resources that'll help you locate a law review, click on the Law Reviews tab.

Under the Find tab, you'll find subtabs that contain information on finding articles, books, ebooks and statistics.

The Case Law tab will provide you with resources useful for finding State case law, as well as U.S. District, Circuit and Supreme Court case law.

Under the Regulations tab, find resources for state and federal regulations.

Cite Sources will provide guidance on citing information used in creating your paper.

Image source: Travail Personnel (own work).  CC-BY-SA 2.0.  Wikimedia Commons.