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Information Literacy

Information literacy tools, aids, services for faculty.



To schedule library instruction please email


LVC librarians are eager to support the research needs of you and your students.  We'll help you ensure that your students receive effective information literacy instruction.  Our instruction sessions:

--provide instruction tailored to specific assignments;
--familiarize students with discipline specific tools and methodologies;
--incorporate hands-on experience with relevant databases and resources;
--teach information literacy concepts.

For instruction to be effective, it is imperative that students have an assignment that requires the use of library resources; it'll help if you provide us a copy of this assignment.  Given enough time, we can also create a LibGuide.  Additionally, faculty are strongly encouraged to attend the library session.  Students are more engaged and attentive when faculty is present.


Although we are often able to accommodate late requests, two weeks notice is greatly appreciated.  Timing of the session is critical.  Too early, and the students won’t remember what’s taught.  Too late, and they won’t be able to utilize Tipasa, or interlibrary loan.  The optimal time for library instruction is shortly after students have received their assignment and at least two weeks before the due date.  


We'll usually come to your classroom, and will ask that you have students bring their laptops along.


All three LVC librarians teach library instruction: Maureen Bentz, Lori Nyce and Donna Miller.

Modes of Instruction

Class or Subject Guides

Need a customized subject/class guide (or LibGuide) for your students?   Examples of class specific LibGuides may be found here, here, and here.

To request a class or subject LibGuide, contact Donna Miller.


Course Integrated

Library instruction is most effective when integrated into a course at the point of need--that is, when students have an information/research assignment in hand.  Library tours, orientations, or scavenger hunts generally aren't very successful. 


In Person

Librarians work with individual students either in person or via Zoom.  During semesters, LVC's librarians are available:

Monday - Friday   8:00--4:30 PM

Phone, Text, Email, Chat, Online

Phone 717-867-6977 or 717-867-6972
Text 717-983-4098

Research Appointments

Students or faculty can schedule a research appointment with a librarian via Book a Librarian