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ITG 499 | The Art of Survival

Professor Andrea Walker


...a topic that interests you and will hold your attention.

This is crucial in that it'll make the research process more meaningful and enjoyable.


Image source:  US Dept. Agriculture.  CC BY 2.0.  Wikimedia Commons.


Before selecting a topic or starting your research, make sure you understand the assignment and its requirements. 

Consider the following:

  • Have you been assigned a topic?  Can you pick your own?
  • How many pages/words do you need to write? How long is your presentation?
  • Do you need to include specific types of sources? (e.g. scholarly journal, book, etc.)
  • When is the assignment due? How much time do you have to research?
  • Is currency of information important?

Always clarify questions you may have with your professor.

Image source: Joao lara mesquita. Wikimedia Commons.  CC BY-SA 4.0.


 Can’t think of a topic to research? 

  • Scan your textbook for broad topic ideas;
  • Peruse current magazines and newspapers to see what catches your eye
  • Discuss potential topics with your instructor, a librarian, or a classmate


Image source: Unknown Author. Wikimedia Commons. CC0 1.0.