Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Protocols/Methods

Guide to biochemistry and molecular biology information resources.


Protocols and methods describe laboratory or experimental procedures.  Good protocols can save countless hours in the lab. 

You'll find substantive protocols and methods published in a variety of places:  in journals devoted to publishing  protocols only, books, dissertations, free on the web, or within journal articles.

Use the resources on this page to locate protocols and methods.

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Image source: MATra at en.wikipedia. Princible of chromogenic detection of Strep-tag protein with Strep-Tactin alkaline phosphatase (AP) conjugate in Western blot: The tagged recombinant protein can be detected by its interaction with Strep-Tactin, which is conjugated AP to induce a color shift of a given chromogenic substrate. CC-BY-SA-3.0. Wikimedia Commons.




A number of databases index select methods/protocols.  In most of the databases below, a good protocol search would look something like this:


"magnetic nanoparticles" AND (methods OR protocols OR techniques OR method OR protocol OR technique OR instrumentation) 

Image source:  Wikimedia Commons.  Gel electrophoresis procedure.  GNU Free.