Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Proceedings

Guide to biochemistry and molecular biology information resources.

What is a Paper or a Proceeding?

Proceedings are collections of academic papers that have been presented by researchers at conferences, expositions, workshops, or meetings.


Papers are written and presented in a professional setting for peers at conferences worldwide, and are usually published within proceedings.




Image source:  Orthodontic Technicians Association.  Public Domain.  Wikimedia Commons.


Request materials not owned by LVC via Tipasa, LVC's Interlibrary Loan system.  Interlibrary Loan is a service that provides articles/materials you find from other libraries.

Almost every LVC Library database will provide a Looking for Full-Text? link on each result.  If that fails to connect you to full-text, you'll be given an option to Request this Item through LVC Tipasa.

You can also request materials via Interlibrary Loan from the library's homepage.

With Interlibrary Loan, you'll either get a PDF of  the journal or magazine article or a hard copy that will need to be returned.

Allow 2-3 days for an article; allow up to 2 weeks for books or media.



Image source: Tizzano et al., BMC Neuroscience 2008, 9:110. "Localization of G14 and G-gustducin in type II taste cells."  CC BY-SA 2.0.