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Guide to Bishop Library biology resources.

Where Should I Begin?

Start with an LVC Books search. Not finding anything there? 

Search WorldCat  for books found in libraries worldwide (you'll need to use interlibrary loan).  




Image Source:  Creative Commons.

Browse Books

Call Number



QH 75-77

Nature Conservation

QH 301-705 

General Biology

QH 359-425


QH 426-470


QH 540-549


QH 573-671


QK  Botany
QL  Zoology


QP  Physiology
QR 75-99 Bacteriology
QR 180-189 Immunology
QR 355-484 Virology



You've found the book in the Library Catalog search.  Now what?  Use the call number to find the book...

In Bishop Library, most of the books are stored on the upper level or the lower level.  Using your call number, first figure out what level your book is on:

A - PR     

Located on the upper level

PS - Z

Located on the lower level


Located on the north and east sides of the upper level


Next, using the first two letters (which are alphabetically ordered in the book shelves), get yourself into the area of those two letters.  Finally, using your call number, use the image below to walk through locating your book.



Interlibrary Loan, ILL, or Tipasa,  is a service that will provide you with books that LVC does not own. 

Most of the library's databases will provide a Looking for Full Text? link on results that don't provide PDF full-text.  If that Looking for Full-Text? link fails, you'll see a button for Request this Item through LVC Tipasa.

You can also place an ILL request from the library's homepage.  Via interlibrary loan, we'll borrow the book from another library for you and will notify you via email when your book arrives.

How long does it take?

Books will take a bit longer (they have to come through the mail)--allow two weeks.