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Guide to Bishop Library biology resources.

Where Should I Begin?

Searching for biological information effectively and efficiently can be a challenge.

Use this guide as you would a map.

What type of information do you need?  Tabs on this guide will direct you to specific types of information.

  • Background Info or reference sources, such as encyclopedias and dictionaries, provide in-depth articles, definitions, statistics, and biographical information.
  • Journal Articles provide in-depth information, new research, or current information on very specialized topics. 
  • Books and eBooks help put your topic in context with other important issues.  They summarize research, provide a helpful overview,  and often include a bibliography -- useful for finding other relevant pieces of information on your topic.
  • Dissertations provide in-depth, lengthy, and scholarly research on very specialized topics.   
  • Journals will help you locate the full-text of a specific journal or newspaper title.  To find articles on your topic, search the resources found under the Articles tab.
  • Proceedings provides links that'll help you locate scholarly papers presented at conferences.  

Image Source: Maclean25.  Dawson Creek, BC.  GFDL.  Wikimedia Commons.