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Communication Sciences & Disorders | SLP

A guide to the research process and information resources in CSD & SLP.

Where Should I Begin?

Databases listed below are considered core speech-language or communication disorder databases.  Most will provide you with scholarly journal articles.  

Other Databases to Consider...

These databases focus on other fields of knowledge within education, psychology, general, allied health, and medicine. They may provide information on SLP or CD but from the perspective of another field of knowledge.

HEY! You Forgot Google...

Well, no.  I didn't.  I debated putting this box here.  But here it is, since it would be derelict to avoid it.

Google (or Google Scholar) is not the very best place to find information related to speech-language pathology, communication disorders, or frankly, any information in the medical field. 

They are good places to begin, but lousy places to end.


Did you know that Google's robots only have access to 4% of online information?  I bet you didn't.  The 96% of online information that is inaccessible by Google is locked up behind firewalls--information that can be found in.....library databases.  

So check Google, check Google Scholar.  But don't end there.  Make sure you search the 96%.