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A celebration of the scholarly, scientific, and creative achievements of the LVC student body.

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What is Inquiry?

The week of April 12th through April 24th has been dedicated to celebrating our students' achievements. 

Inquiry is in its fourth year on campus.  Last year, more than 1% of the students participated in events over the course of the week, bringing the four year participation total to approximately 590 students.  Participants represent every academic department and major on campus.

During this week, students are also inducted into 17 honor societies.

Inquiry 2015


A special thanks to the LVC faculty, Dr. Lewis Thayne, Dr. Michael Green, Jasmine Bucher, Nicole Berkhimer, Cecile Madonna, Alison Wenger, Meghan Baron, Lindsey Snyder, Jamie Cecil, Vicki Trostle, Maureen Bentz, Donna Miller, Carol Brashear, Michelle Krall, Todd Snovel, Deb Bishop, Francis Schodowski, Jen Evans, Rick Beard, Melissa Byler, Andy Greene, Kymberly Lebo, Sharon Flaig, Patty Doughman, Public Safety and the housekeeping and facilities staff.

An extra special thanks to Wendy Smith, who coordinated the events.

For additional information, please visit LVC's Inquiry page.