Inquiry 2015: Arnold Grants & Honor Societies

A celebration of the scholarly, scientific, and creative achievements of the LVC student body.

2014 Arnold Student-Faculty Research Project Winners

Faculty Project Title Students
Courtney Lappas  


Immunomodulatory Effects of the Plant Hormone Zeatin Riboside



Rebecca R. Wise
Cody J. Lloyd


Robert Valgenti


Kayla McKain
Devon McKain
Andrew Deihl
Amelia Capuano
Katheryn O'Hara
Genevieve Hugenbruch

Kristin Boeshore


Examination of Transflutaminase Isoform Expression and Activity in Neurite Outgrowth


Holly Langdon

Robert Carey

Expansin and Expasin-related Protein Function in Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii

Victoria Seader
Laura Eldred


The Valley Humanities Review


Student editors:
Nikki Wilhelm
Hunter Heath
Mary Yost
Rebecca Worhach

Quinn Orris

Jarrod Goss

Web developers:
Samantha Shimp (outgoing)
Morgan Townsend (new)

Michael Kitchens

Online Research

Megan Cook
Angela Harris
Nick Seaton
Emily Johanson
Brandon Keller
Joe Beland
Brittany Wilson
Kristin Boeshore


A Comparative Study of the Short-term and Long-term Effects of Methanandmide vs. THC on Learning and Memory


Sam Calabria

2014 Arnold Grant Internship Winners

  • Zing Recording Studios, Westfield, Mass.
Tara Lansing
  • Big Machine Label Group, Nashville, Tenn.
Brianna Steinitz
  • British Embassy, Washington, D.C
Mary Yost


LVC Honor Societies

Honor Society Department/Subject Event Date/Time/Location
Alpha Kappa Delta  International Honor Society in Sociology April 13.  4:00 pm.  Atrium, Library.
Alpha Sigma Lambda  National Honor Society for Continuing Education Students  
Alpha Theta Omega  National Honor Society for Politics April 15. 5:15 pm. Bishop Atrium, Library
Beta Beta Beta  National Biological Honor Society  
Delta Alpha Pi  Disability Resources Honor Society April 14. 11:00 am. Zimmerman Hall.
Gamma Sigma Epsilon  Chemistry Honor Society April 14. 4:00 pm. NG 203.
Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education April 14. 4:00 pm. Zimmerman Hall.
Phi Alpha Epsilon  LVC’s Honor Society for Scholarship and Service April 12. 4:30 pm.  Lutz Hall.
Phi Alpha Theta  History Honor Society April 15. 5:15 pm. Atrium, Library.
Phi Kappa Pi  LVC’s Business and Economics Honor Society

April 19.  5:00 pm.  Phillips Dining Room.

Phi Sigma Iota  International Honor Society in Languages April 13. 4:30 or 5:00pm.  Zimmerman Hall.
Phi Sigma Tau  International Honor Society in Philosophy April 23. 4:00 pm. Atrium, Library.
Pi Mu Epsilon  Mathematics Honor Society

April 18.  3:00 pm.  NG 203.

Psi Chi  National Honor Society in Psychology April 13. 5:00 pm. Underground.
Sigma Alpha Pi  National Leadership Honor Society April 19. 2:00 pm. Chapel Sanctuary.
Sigma Iota Rho Global Studies Honor Society April 15. 5:15 pm. Atrium, Library.
Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honor Society  
Sigma Tau Delta  International English Honor Society April 15. 12:00 pm. Frock, Library.
Theta Alpha Kappa National Honor Society in Religious Studies and Theology April 23.  4:00 pm.  Atrium, Library.