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Guide to Bishop Library education resources.

Where Should I Begin?

The amount of information available, as well as searching for and sifting through that information, can be overwhelming.  Use this guide as you would a map; it'll help you find what you're looking for more efficiently.                           

Often when beginning to research, you'll need a broad overview of your subject--some  background information, statistics, definitions.  Find background information under the Find-->Background Info tab.

For research or current information, Education Source will provide scholarly journal articles on education.  Find Education Source, and many other resources for finding articles, under the Find-->Articles tab. 

For more breadth and depth of coverage, use books.  Under the Find-->Books tab, you'll find WorldCat, which will give you access to close to 2 billion records from over 72,000 libraries. 

Need help?  Ask a Librarian.  Multiple ways of contacting us may be found under the Get Help tab.   Need guidance in citing your sources?  The Cite tab will provide information on how to best do that.


Image Source: Map of Washington DC. Mrflip (Own work). Public domain. Wikimedia Commons.