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Research Modules, Tutorials, Videos for Faculty

Collections of Research Videos, Tutorials, Quizzes to embed into Canvas.

How To...


These links will open within the frame of Canvas rather than in a new window.  The content will be put within Canvas--but it will NOT integrate quiz results into the Canvas gradebook.  For that, you will need to use LTI 1.1 links.

These LTI 1.1 links integrate CREDO content within Canvas.  This means that CREDO assessments (quizzes and "checkpoint" activities in videos & tutorials) completed by students will be automatically entered into the Canvas grade book. 

Link Modules to Your Canvas Course/Gradebook

LTI 1.1 links allow you to integrate Credo IL Core  content with your Canvas courses and Canvas gradebook.  Canvas is set up to work with these modules.  

LTI stands for Learning Tools Interoperability. LTI allows Credo to work within Canvas, which means grading for tests and quizzes is available. LTI also eliminates the need for the student to login to multiple products. Students just login to Canvas.

Instructions for adding an LTI 1.1 link to your Canvas course may be found here.