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Professors Mark Mecham and Mary Lemons, Spring 2015.


You'll find explanations, links, how-to videos, and guides that'll help you find the resources you need. 

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Where Should I Begin?

Often when beginning to research, you'll need a broad overview of your subject--some  background information, statistics, definitions, and perhaps some biographical information.  This type of information may be found under the background info tab.


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For research or current information, Music Index Online will lead you to the most scholarly journal articles in the field of music education.  Find Music Index Online under the articles tab. 

For more breadth and depth of coverage, use books.  Under the books tab, you'll find WorldCat, the catalog of the world's libraries.  WorldCat will give you access to close to 2 billion records from over 72,000 libraries. 

Instruction and Reference Librarian

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