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How to Identify Scholarly Journal Articles

...and where to find them.


Search for scholarly journal articles, as well as general articles (or newspaper articles) in library databases.

The best library databases for articles are listed below.

Find Articles

The library has over 200 databases, many of which will provide you with scholarly journal articles.  Best to start there; use the subject pull down bar to select your topic's subject, then use the type pull-down bar to select scholarly journal articles.  This'll allow you to choose the best database for your needs.  Listed below are just a very few of our databases.  

After you've run your search, most databases will offer a academic journal or scholarly (peer-reviewed) limiter off to the left.

To find trade publications in library databases, run your search first.  Off to the left, under the Source Type limit, note there is a trade publications limiter.

Find magazines in Readers' Guide or Readers' Guide Retro.