Business Plans: Financial & Risk

Resources to help students write a business plan.

Venture Capital

Venture capital is the money invested in young, growing business with a great potential for innovation and growth.  Venture capitalists are professional investors who specialize in funding and building these young, innovative enterprises. 

Image source:  US Dept of Treasury.  Public domain.  Wikimedia Commons.

Find a venture capitalist by checking first with an attorney, banker, or other local business owner for personal recommendations.

Try also:  


Find a similar public company and benchmark their financials.


Risks for corporations are outlined in 10-K reports. To gather a sense of the risk involved, one needs a wide understanding of the market.  Reading trade publications and looking at sources that include information on similar companies may lead you to risk factors to consider.

Debt Financing

Debt Financing is money that you borrow, or a bank loan.