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News & Newspapers

Bishop Library resources for finding newspaper articles, newswires, radio & TV transcripts, and blogs.


Evaluate your sources by using the CRAPP method. 


How recent is the information?  How recently has the website been updated?  Is the information current enough for your topic?


Is the content primarily opinion?  Is it balanced?  Does the author provide sources or references for data or quotations?


Who is the creator or author?  What are their credentials? Who is the publisher or sponsor?  Are they reputable?  What is the publisher's interest in this information?  Are there ads on the website?


Is the information supported by evidence?  Has the information been reviewed or refereed?  Can you verify the information in another source or from personal knowledge?  What is the publisher's interest in this information?  Is the language/tone unbiased and free of emotion?


Is this fact or opinion?  Is it biased?  Is the creator/author trying to sell you something?

Source:  The CRAAP test is based on work done by the librarians at Meriam Library, California State University at Chico.  Used with permission.

Particular Points of View

Image source:  Public domain.  Wikimedia Commons.