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How to Book a Librarian

Get research help from one of your friendly LVC Librarians.


How can I specifically help you? 

  • Figuring out if your topic is researchable.  Some aren't--they're either too narrow or too broad.
  • Finding the best database.  There are a lot to choose from.  I can help you focus.
  • Searching.  Google-type searches won't work in library databases (unless you enjoy looking through thousands of results). I can show you some advanced search techniques that'll save you search time and effort.  
  • Resources.  Did you miss that one critical resource?
  • Zotero will save you hours of time, since it automatically formats your citations in many styles (APA, ASA, MLA, ACS....).  I can teach you how to use this.
  • ARGH....can't find it!  Ahh....a librarian can.  And we'll even (nicely) tell you how we did it.   Ask us.  We can find it.  Or we'll (almost) die trying.  And while we're trying, we'll have fun--because we love to search for information, teach and help people.

My office is on the main level of the library--right above the staircase leading to the lower level.   My door's always open.  To be sure I'm in, however, you're best off checking my schedule;  from that schedule page you can book an appointment, too.

Looking forward to helping you navigate through the exciting world of research...