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History of Diversity at Lebanon Valley College

This LibGuide was specifically designed to be used during the Multicultural Student Bridge Program. It focuses specifically on the history of diversity at Lebanon Valley College from its inception in 1866 through the early 1900's with some exceptions.

International Students listed in The College Catalog Prior to 1900


Listed under Students- Males
George Stoll - Brittheim, Germany                          


Listed under Students- Freshman
J. Henry Miller - Zurich, Switzerland

Listed under Classical Prepatory Class
Samuel J. Nunn - Fenwick, Ontario                  


Listed under Elective Students
James Morris Lesher - Sierra Leone, Africa
(Lesher is not listed in the 1887 College Catalog)


Listed under General Prepatory
Abram Oberholtzer - Bloomingdale, Ont, Can


Listed under Students-Freshman
David S. Eshleman - Berlin, Ont


Listed under Catalogue of Students- Sophomore
Karnig Kuyoomjian, C.- Tarsus, Asia Minor    

Listed under Prepatory Department
David H. Fergerson - Shellburne, Ont.        


Listed under Catalogue Students- Sophomore
Alfred C.T. Sumner - Bonthe, West Africa

Source: LVC College Catalogs 1866-1900