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History of Diversity at Lebanon Valley College

This LibGuide was specifically designed to be used during the Multicultural Student Bridge Program. It focuses specifically on the history of diversity at Lebanon Valley College from its inception in 1866 through the early 1900's with some exceptions.

The "Ladies Course" Pre 1900

The Ladies Course of 1866-1867 required French and English to complete the three year Ladies Course, "which led to the degree of Mistress of Arts" (Wallace 48).

Between 1867 and 1871 the Ladies Course was discontinued, but LVC President Lucian Hammond (President 1871-1876) brought this course back after 1871 (Wallace 60).

After this the course was dropped again, came back a second time and was given a four year course and degree only to be dropped another time. The Mistress of Arts degree was kept and the given to those ladies who completed the four year Scientific Course (Wallace 72).

Source: Lebanon Valley College: A Centennial History, 1866-1966 by Paul A. W. Wallace

General Rules and Regulations 1866 #13

"No lady or gentleman attending this College shall walk or ride with a person of the opposite sex, except in cases of necessity, in which case permission must be obtained from the Principal."

Source: Catalogue and Circular of the Students and Officers of Lebanon Valley College for the Half Session Ending August 2nd 1866, p. 14

Not the First to be Co-Educational in PA, but...

"While not the first in Pennsylvania to be co-educational, it was first among its degree conferring competitors in Eastern Pennsylvania. Swathmore though it received its Charter in 1864 did not open until 1869. The University of Pennsylvania did not become co-educational until 1877" (Wallace, 33).

Source: Lebanon Valley College: A Centennial History, 1866-1966 by Paul A. W. Wallace

First listing of Female Students from the 1866 College Catalog


Source: General Circular and First Annual Catalgue of the Officers and Students Lebanon Valley College for the Academic Year 1866-1867, pages 7 & 8