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Faculty Resources & Services

A guide to the Bishop Library resources and services that are available to faculty.

Off-Campus Access

The library uses an ezproxy server to provide off-campus access to its e-resources for students, faculty and staff.  For a permalink URL to work off-campus, it must include the library's ezproxy prefix.  This allows the ezproxy server to authenticate your access to the e-resource when you are not on campus.

The permalinks that are provided by the online databases may or may not include the library's ezproxy prefix.  If the URL does not include the proxy prefix, it must be added to the beginning of the URL to make the URL work off-campus.

The library's proxy prefix is:

An example is the online database, JSTOR.  The JSTOR stable URL below does not list our ezproxy prefix.


To make the URL able to be accessed off-campus, you would add the ezproxy prefix:

Permalinks for E-Resources

It is possible to create direct web links to specific articles in journals, library catalog records, e-books, images, music and many other e-resources.  These links can be copied/pasted into Canvas, Outlook emails, Microsoft Office documents, and web pages for easy access to the resource in the future.

However, it is not usually as simple as copying the URL that displays in your browser when accessing the e-resource.  To enable reliable, permanent access to the e-resource, you must use a permanent link or a permalink. 

A permalink does not include any session information that might cause the URL to fail at a later date when your session expires.  Permalinks go by many names including, but not limited to, static URLs, durable URLs and persistant URLs. 

Directions for creating permalinks for some of the more popular databases are listed in the Linking to Library Resources subtabs: 

If you need assistance creating permalinks to any other e-resources not covered in this guide, please contact Donna Miller.