ART 260: The Photograph: Books

Fall 2020. Professor Barbara McNulty.

Where Should I Begin?

Start with an LVC Books search. 

  Photograph of an open book

Try also WorldCat, a database of books from 72,000 world-wide libraries (you'll need to use interlibrary loan, or Tipasa).  


Image Source:  Creative Commons.  CC-BY-SA-2.0. 

Call Numbers

Find a Book


Locate TR

You've found the book in the LVC Books search.  Now what? 

Photography Call number diagram

A - PR      Located on the second floor  
PS - Z Located on the ground floor
OVERSIZE    Located on the north and east sides of the second floor.


Call Number Subject
TR 640-688 Photography, Artistic
TR 647 Individual Photographers
TR 660 Landscape Photography
TR 680-681 Portrait Photography
TR 820.5 Documentary Photography