ART 260: The Photograph: Articles

Fall 2020. Professor Barbara McNulty.

Where to Begin

You'll get the best results if you search for articles in a subject database that focuses on your topic.

Jacob Riis' Bandit's Roost photograph

Image Source:  Jacob Riis.  Bandit's Roost.  1888. Wikimedia Commons.

Two good starting points for photography:  BHA & RILA or Art Full Text.

Searching for articles emphasizing history?  Try America: History and Life or Historical Abstracts.

Identify a Scholarly Journal Article

How Do I Find Full-Text?

Find Journal Articles

Find Newspaper Articles

Newspaper articles will provide current event information, as well as historical information--search the New York Times (Historical) to find historical coverage of photography or photographers.


Primo  is a discovery search tool that you can use to begin your research or to find additional resources.

Primo does not search everything the library has access to; it should not be used exclusively. It can, however, be a valuable additional resource.