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Open Educational Resources

A guide to open educational materials and resources, with a major focus on college textbooks.


Open Educational Resources (OERs) are freely available pedagogical resources, such as textbooks, lesson plans, activities, media, and supporting materials. They're a type of open access material.  Open Educational Resources are broadly considered to meet the “5Rs Framework,” meaning that users are free to:

  • Retain. Make, archive, and "own" copies of the content;
  • Reuse. Content can be reused in its unaltered form;
  • Revise. Content can be adapted, adjusted, modified or altered;
  • Remix. Can be combined with other content to create something new;
  • Redistribute. Copies can be shared with others in its original, revised or remixed form.



Open Educational Resources are freely available educational materials.  OERs come in many formats:  

Source:  SPARC® , the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition.

Image Source:  Global OER Logo. Jonathasmello.  CC BY 3.0.  Wikimedia Commons