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What is Inquiry?

Inquiry 2016 begins on April 3, 2016 with the Phi Alpha Epsilon honor society induction and concludes on Sunday, April 17. 

The two-week period includes induction ceremonies into national and international academic honor societies, poetry readings, musical recitals, and oral research presentations.  The departmental awards ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, April 14, followed by the Inquiry symposium. 

At the symposium, close to 200 undergraduates from every academic department display their work to an audience of faculty, peers, Trustees, administrators, industry reps, and friends of the College. 

Inquiry is a signature event that showcases the diverse talents of LVC students. 


Inquiry 2016


A special thanks to the LVC faculty, Dr. Lewis Thayne, Dr. Michael Green, Jasmine Bucher, Nicole Berkhimer, Emily Acri, Alison Wenger, Lindsay Snyder, Jamie Cecil, Vicki Trostle, Maureen Bentz, Donna Miller, Carol Brashear, Todd Snovel, Deb Bishop, Jen Evans, Rick Beard, Melissa Byler, Andy Greene, Kymberly Lebo, Sharon Flaig, Patty Doughman, Sarah Bartz, Sue Jones, Ed Wright, Matt Weaver, Public Safety, and the LVC housekeeping and facilities staffs. 

An extra special thanks to Wendy Smith for her patience, continued dedication, and careful attention to detail.