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Inquiry 2016

LVC students' posters, conference presentations, publications.

LVC Student Authors

This LibGuide celebrates the work of LVC student authors. 

It includes information on presentations at Inquiry 2016 and also documents publications, or conference posters/presentations authored by LVC students during the academic year 2015-2016. 

What is Inquiry?

Inquiry 2016 begins on April 3, 2016 with the Phi Alpha Epsilon honor society induction and concludes on Sunday, April 17. 

The two-week period includes induction ceremonies into national and international academic honor societies, poetry readings, musical recitals, and oral research presentations.  The departmental awards ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, April 14, followed by the Inquiry symposium. 

At the symposium, close to 200 undergraduates from every academic department display their work to an audience of faculty, peers, Trustees, administrators, industry reps, and friends of the College.  A total of 336 LVC students authored papers, posters, or presented at conferences.

Inquiry is a signature event that showcases the diverse talents of LVC students.