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U.S. Government Publications

Guide to U.S. Government publications.

Government Publications

Using government publications requires asking questions:

  • Which government are you dealing with? Local?  State?  Federal? 
  • What branch of government is responsible? Executive?  Legislative?  Judicial?
  • What is the geographic jurisdiction (which court has jurisdiction within a particular geographical region)?  
  • What is the time frame?  When did the event occur?  When was the document published?

Answers to these questions will help determine where you should be searching.  This LibGuide focuses on federal government publications.

Where to Begin

Links below point to indexes that are digitized or print.

An index organizes (usually by subject) and lists print resources.  None of these indexes provide full-text links.

Once you find the title of the resource/publication you're looking for within the index, search WorldCat to locate that title.  You'll then need to use ILL/Tipasa to borrow/get a copy.