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Guide to information resources on death, dying and the psychology of loss.

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Use the tabs above to find background information, books, articles, and journals dealing with death and dying.

Image Source:  Chris Jupin.  Flickr.  Creative Commons.

This guide was constructed for Dr. Sayers' REL 314 class--Death, Dying, and Beyond. 

Death and Dying

"It has been claimed that one can never look directly at the sun nor at one's own death. 

And yet, throughout the history of mankind, both have been the enduring themes of myth and religion, science and magic, curiosity and fear.

From our [twenty-first century] vantage point we find that as the sun is understood  as being the source of life in the natural order, so death is becoming recognized as the central dynamism underlying the life, vitality, and structure of the social order."

--Kearl, Michael.  Sociology of Death and Dying. 


Image Source: Regan Fuller. CC-BY-2.0. Wikimedia Commons

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