ITG 499. Beliefs: Sources & Consequences : Articles

Professor Lou Manza, Fall 2019.

Where to Begin

Where you should search depends upon your topic.


Best databases for belief would be either PsychINFO, ATLA,  or Philosopher's Index. 


If you're looking at belief in a particular subject area, then take a look at a subject-specific database (for example, business, health, or education).  



Image Source:  Saffron Blaze.  W. Lloyd MacKenzie. Ruins of the Temple of Apollo, Side, Antalya, Turkey. CC BY-3.0.  Wikimedia Commons.

Identify a Scholarly Journal Article


Primo  is a discovery search tool that you can use to begin your research or to find additional resources.

Primo does not search everything the library has access to; it should not be used exclusively. It can, however, be a valuable additional resource.


Find Journal Articles

Locate journal articles on beliefs in the databases below.