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How to Use Interlibrary Loan | Tipasa

A guide to using interlibrary loan and Tipasa.

Adding Requests from LVC Databases

Many of LVC's online databases allow you to place an Interlibrary Loan requests via Tipasa.

When searching the library's databases (Academic Search Ultimate, APA PsycINFO, Business Source Complete, etc.) for articles, if the article is not held by LVC, you will see a link that says "Looking for Full-Text?"  Click on that link.  If no full-text is available, you'll see a Get It link. 

Click the Get It link, and the article information will automatically be imported into the Tipasa form so that you can submit your request.

How to Submit ILL Requests

To place a request

  • Login to your Tipasa account.
  • Click "Create Request"

  • Use the Menu options to select the type of interlibrary loan you would like to request.


On the request form

  • Fill in the required item information, depending on the request type. Examples include: Title, Author, and Not Wanted After Date.
  • Then confirm all your "Contact Information"
    • First Name, Last Name, Patron ID (LVC username), email, mobile phone, dept., and status (faculty, graduate, undergraduate, or staff).
  • Then click "Submit Request."

Verify Holdings

Before you place your request, verify that the Bishop Library does not own the material you are requesting:

Search for books owned by Bishop Library



Search for journals owned by Bishop Library.

Receiving Your ILL Materials

Books, Scores, and other physical materials

  • Books and other physical materials will be available to pick up at the Bishop Library circulation desk. You will get an email or text message notifying you that the ILL materials are ready to be picked up.

Articles & Book Chapters

  • Articles and book chapters will be delivered as PDF files to your Tipasa account. To access them, login to your Tipasa account. Please note that the PDF file is only accessible for 30 days or 5 views; if you want to keep it, you must save it to your personal device.

Renew ILL materials

To request a renewal

  • Login to your Tipasa account.
  • Scroll down through your Requests, find the book you'd like to renew.
  • Click the blue Renew Request Button

  • That's it!  You will be notified via email when your renewal has been approved or denied.