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Inquiry 2018

LVC students' posters, conference presentations, publications.

2018 Arnold Student-Faculty Research Grants

 Faculty Project Title Students

 Dr. Robert Valgenti

 Dr. Ken Yarnall

 Dr. Jeff Ritchie

LVC Dining App

Miles Weber

Dr. Eric Ryndock

Analysis of the E6/E7 Promoter Activity Amoung Members of the Humanpapiloomavirus Group Alpha - 7 and Alpha - 9

Jared Michaels

Dr. Michelle Rasmussen

Self-powered Enzymatic Biosensor for Simultaneous Detection of Two Biomarkers of Parkinson's Disease

Anna Weaver

Dr. Rachel Albert

Seeing the World Through a Different Lens: Does Perspective-Taking Influence Preschoolers' Use of Infant-directed Speech?

Savannah Toth

D'anna Sydow

Dr. Rebecca Urban

Does Road Salt Facilitate the Invasion of an Aquatic Plant?

 Kaitlyn McCarthy

Dr. Robert Machado

Metachromatics: The Historical Division Between Color and Line/Form

Denis Halilovic

Dr. Shelly Moorman-Stahlman

Dr. Sharon Davis

Implementing Innovative Music Education Techniques in Brazil

 Abigail Stoner

 Robin McAnnally

 Rachel Schultz

Dr. Thomas Dompier

Professor Erin Ulrich

Creation of an Athletic Trainer Demographic Database for the Study and Elimination of Health Disparities in Collegiate Athletic Healthcare

Jennifer Eck

Megan Leister