ECE 340: Teacher Researcher: Articles

Professor Berger-Knorr, Fall 2017.

Where to Begin

You'll be most successful searching a subject database that covers your topic. 


ERIC and Education Full Text are excellent choices for scholarly journal articles in the education field.

Image Source:   Grafikę Stworzył.  Compass.  CC BY-SA 3.0.  Wikimedia Commons.

Summon Search: Education

Summon is a discovery search tool that you can use to begin your research or to find additional resources. Summon does not search everything the library has access to; it should not be used exclusively. It can, however, be a valuable additional resource.

Use the customized search box below to search for journal articles indexed in Summon under the discipline of Education.


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Identify a Scholarly Journal Article

How Do I Find Full-Text?

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