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Guide to Bishop Library chemistry resources.

Where Should I Begin?

This guide will help you find the best chemistry resources.

For a broad overview of your topic, begin with Find...Books or Ebooks tabs. 

Under the Find Tab, Journal Articles  subtab, SciFinder N will lead you to scholarly journal articles.

Looking for a patent?  The Find-->Patent tab provides multiple sources to search for national and international patents.

Dissertations provides database links that will lead you to dissertations and theses.

Properties will take you to a new LibGuide, providing you with many sources of data for physical and chemical properties.

Use the Write & Cite tab to find resources on how to write well and how to cite your sources properly.

Image:  This illustration depicts eight of the allotropes (different molecular configurations) that pure carbon can take: a. diamond, b. graphite, c. lonsdaleite, d. buckminsterfullerene, e. fullerene C540, f. fullerene C70, g. amorphous carbon, h. single-walled carbon nanotube. Michael Ströck. GNU Free.  Wikimedia Commons.