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SOC 210 | Social Problems

Professor Osterlof.


A dissertation is required of most PhD programs; it is a lengthy, formal document that presents new research and argues in defense of a particular thesis.  

Dissertations can be useful for in-depth research.

Image:  Public domain. Google Books.

Links below provide access to databases of dissertations. 

Some will provide you with citations only (in which case you'll need to use ILL); others will provide you with the full-text.

Request a dissertation via Interlibrary Loan, or Tipasa.  Tipasa is a service that will provide you with materials that LVC does not own. 

WorldCat Dissertations will provide a Request from LVC Tipasa link on every results record.

You can also request a dissertation from the Interlibrary Loan link on the library's homepage.  Note that not all dissertations may be available to borrow.

If we can borrow them, you'll either get a PDF of the dissertation sent to you electronically, or a hard copy that will need to be returned.