HIS 250: Historian's Craft: Books

Professor Michael Schroeder, Fall 2017.

Where to Begin

Start with an LVC Books search. 

  Open yellowed book

Not finding anything there? 

Search WorldCat for books found in libraries worldwide (you'll need to use interlibrary loan).  

Image Source:   Paulus Hulsius, Korte oopeninge van Pauli beide brieven, geschreeven aan Timotheus. Begreepen in eenige academische kerk-reeden, Rotterdam, N. Topyn, 1727.  Public domain.  Wikimedia Commons.


Useful subject terms for searching for books in the LVC catalog and WorldCat:





Slavery--Caribbean Area




Slavery--Latin America

Slavery--United States

Slavery--West Indies

Search also slaves and geographic region.


    Locate F

    You've found a book in the LVC Books search.  Now what? 

    A - PR      Located on the second floor  
    PS - Z Located on the ground floor
    OVERSIZE    Located on the north and east sides of the second floor.



    Interlibrary Loan, or ILLiad,  is a service that will provide you with books that LVC does not own. 

    Most of the library's databases will provide an interlibrary loan/ILLiad link on each of the results you find.

    You can also request a book via ILLiad from the library's homepage.

    We'll borrow the book from another library for you.  We'll notify you by email when your material arrives.

    How long does it take?

    Books will take a bit longer (they have to come through the mail)--allow two weeks.

    Call Numbers