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SOC 330 | Marriage & Family

Professor Prince

Where Should I Begin?

Good background information may be found in reference sources.

Reference sources (dictionaries, encyclopedias, manuals, guides) provide the following types of information on virtually any topic:

  • Reliable background information;
  • Articles written by subject experts;
  • Dates, timelines, events, people, definitions related to your topic;
  • Statistics;
  • A list of further readings, normally found at the end of encyclopedia articles.  Use these references as springboards for further research.

Find additional background/reference sources by searching Bishop Library's Catalog.  After you run your search, limit your results using LOCATION--choose Reference, main level.

For full-text background/reference sources, head to Credo Reference, a database of over 1200 full-text reference books.

Image source: Jonathan Eastman Johnson.  Public domain.  Wikimedia Commons.