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FYE 112 | Spring 2022

Determine your information need, select keywords, choose a database, evaluate information.


What Is a Mindmap?

Mindmaps are quick and simple techniques that help you generate ideas, focus them and make connections between them.

How Do I Mindmap?

Start with a single idea.  For example, the topic I'm thinking about researching is global warming.

Next, write down as many related concepts and ideas as you can think of.  The app below may be of help.

Mind Map App


Keywords will be main ideas in your research question or topic--typically the nouns.

Using the right keywords will speed up the research process; choosing the wrong keywords can bring to the search to a painfully screeching halt.

How does one think of keywords?  There are several ways to do this:

  • Mindmap.  Use the app found in the box to the left.
  • Pick the very most important nouns from your search.  Generally 2-4.
  • Run a search. Look at your good results.  Within your good results, you'll see other terms being used that you use in your searches.
  • Use a keyword generator.