REL 314: Death and Dying: Articles

Guide to information resources on death, dying and the psychology of loss.

Where to Begin

Where you should search depends upon your topic. 

Image Source:  The Boston Gazette and Country Journal.  Obituary of Patrick Carr, the fifth and final victim of the Boston Massacre. Published 19 March 1770; includes an engraving of his coffin by Paul Revere.  Public Domain.  Wikimedia Commons.

You'll get the best results if you search for articles in a subject database that focuses on your topic.

Looking for information on how to plan for death?  A multi-disciplinary source would be best:  Academic Search Premier.  

Searching for a topic that falls under the psychology of death?  PsycINFO is where you should begin. 

Interested in the medical aspects of death?  Try MEDLINE, a medical database.  

Identify a Scholarly Journal Article

Find Journal Articles

Search the following databases to locate journal articles on death and dying. 

Find Newspaper Articles

Newspaper articles will provide current event information, as well as historical information--search New York Times (Historical) to see how death, burial and related customs were viewed in the past.