Where to Publish Scholarly Journal Articles: Indexing

Information on publishing in a scholarly journal.

Journal Indexing

Make sure the journal is indexed in a database, otherwise it will be difficult for others to find your article. 

Be wary, too, of disreputable publishers who may falsely claim their journal is indexed in a particular database or with a particular vendor.

Always double check a publisher's claims.  

If the publisher tells you that a vendor (EBSCO or ProQuest, for example) indexes the journal--be leery.  Vendors like EBSCO and ProQuest produce many different databases; the publisher should provide you with a specific database name.

Find indexing information for your journal in The Serials Directory.

Where is the Journal Indexed?

To find where the journal is indexed:

  • The Serials Directory.  Provides indexing information for over 250,000 journals.
  • Journal Finder lists over 75,000 journal titles LVC has access to.  Most journals listed will provide a link to the database the journal is indexed within.
  • Ulrich's Periodicals Directory provides information on where the journal is indexed in the abstracting & indexing section of the journal record.
  • LVC subscribes to over 176 databases; most contain journal title lists.  
  • EBSCO title lists.
  • ProQuest title lists.
  • JSTOR title list.

Not enough time to track down this information?  Contact an LVC Librarian. We'll be happy to find where the journal is indexed.